Walking at the Pointe de Listoir

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The Tourist Board of Auray-Quiberon published a marvellous packet of walks explained on double-sided cards – map on one side and text on the other – ‘Randonnées an Pays d’Auray’, but one can no longer buy it. Why not? Fortunately the gîte had a copy and during our week between Landevant and Pluvigner we followed three of the walks, starting with no.6, ‘Le Listoir’. We parked at La Grande Demi-Ville and followed a circuit of 6 kms.

The walk starts in the forest and moves into an area of pine trees, grass, and heather, and shortly the fingers of water appear – the Ruisseau du Pont du Palais. And at the Pointe de Listoir this stream joins the Ruisseau du Demi-Ville, creating wide and quiet views.

In the forest at Listoir

The pine trees and the heather at Listoir

Heather under the pine trees, Pointe de Listoir

The Ruisseau du Pont du Palais, ListoirPointe de Listoir

The Ruisseau du Demi-Ville was an equally quiet stretch of water at the head of which was an old mill.

Ruisseau du Demi-Ville, LIstoirThe mill on the Ruisseau du Demi-Ville, Listoir

And then the walk returns to the carpark through the forests.

The forests at Listoir

This was a lovely walk with which to start a week in a part of Brittany which was new for us.

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