The Art Museum in Nantes

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Nantes has a wonderful Arts Museum, just beyond the Ducal Palace and in the middle of the old town. We visited twice in two days!

The building, on two floors, is beautiful

The Arts Museum, Nantes

I loved the paintings by Paul Lazerges (1845-1902)

Paintings by Paul Lazerges

Paul Lazerges, 'Caravan near Biskra, Algeria', 1892
Paul Lazerges, ‘Caravan near Biskra, Algeria’, 1892
Henri Jacquemart, 'Camel Driver', 1869
Henri Jacquemart, ‘Camel Driver’, 1869

The Arts Museum, Nantes

The Arts Museum, Nantes

There are interesting paintings by Kandinsky (1866-1945) which I enjoyed, and I am ashamed to admit that I know very little about him.

Kandinsky, 'Fragile', 1931
Kandinsky, ‘Fragile’, 1931
Kandinsky, 'The Black Frame', 1922
Kandinsky, ‘The Black Frame’, 1922

The Arts Museum, Nantes

But perhaps the most beautiful painting was ‘Joseph’s Dream’ by Georges de La Tour (1593-1652). Two years I had seen another of his paintings in Rennes.

Georges de La Tour, 'The Dream of Joseph', Nantes

This is a wonderful museum – do visit!

Further information
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