Churches in Nantes

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Nantes was a powerful and prosperous city in which religion was important, as is evidenced by the many substantial and beautiful churches in addition to the Cathedral. I wasn’t visiting the town in order to see the churches but it was difficult to avoid them!

The first building on this site was a Chapel which included the grave of Bishop Similien, the third Bishop of Nantes who was subsequently sanctified, and this was followed a century later with a more substantial church. Major rebuilding took place in the 15C and again in the 19C, but the Church of St Similien has never been completed. This rather strange-looking building from the outside has a wonderful interior.

The Church of St Similien, Nantes

The Church of St Similien, Nantes

The Church of St Similien, Nantes

A church was first built on the site of the current Church of St Nicolas in the 11C. Today’s church dates from the 19C.

St Nicolas, Nantes

The Church of St Nicolas, Nantes

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