St Pancras Old Church


The church was restored in c.1850, and after. I visited late in a winter afternoon and it felt lonely, separated from city life; the atmosphere was curiously quiet, almost countryside.

St Pancras Old Church today
St Pancras Old Church today


St Pancras Old Church
St Pancras Old Church


The churchyard includes the burial ground for St Giles in the Fields. It provided a burial ground for Roman Catholics from around London, as well people such as Sir John Soane and his wife (photograph follows, apparently model for red telephone boxes!), Johan Christian Bach, John Flaxman, and others. The graveyard was dug up during the construction of St Pancras railway station, with skeletons reburied in mass graves. One of the people overseeing this work was Thomas Hardy.

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    • Yes, that is exactly how I experienced the church and surrounds. There are other places in the City which are similarly atmospheric, like St Dunstans in the East, and St Olave.


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