The Church of Plouneour-Menez

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The Church of St Yves, Plounéour-Menez, started building in 1649 and aspects of the church have been likened to its neighbours, which is hardly surprising – there must have been an army of stone masons constructing, assembling, and carving in the 16C … Continued

Pont Croix

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It was a hot day – we had visited the Pointe du Van, stopped in Cléden Cap Sizun, and walked along the Goyen River, and I was ready for refreshment! We found an excellent bakery on the square in Pont Croix and I … Continued

Notre Dame de Penhors, Brittany

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It was a beautiful day and we had enjoyed a wonderful walk around Pors Poulhan, but I was keen to see more of the coast and so we used the map to follow small roads further south.

The Gothic Churches in Santarem

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It was our last day in Portugal and we lingered for a few hours in Santarém before reluctantly boarding the plane at Lisbon Airport. We managed to see some of the wonderful churches in this ‘must return’ town.

Wandering in Vila Vicosa

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Vila Viçosa is a traditional Portuguese town on a site which has been inhabited for over 2,000 years (like London), but remains very modest in size (c.9,000 people), and which nowadays earns a living from marble and tourism.

The Braak in Stellenbosch

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The Braak (fallow land) is a large open space in the centre of the town which originally served as a Parade Ground. Stellenbosch suffered an earthquake in 1811 and people ran on to the space, vowing to God to keep it … Continued

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