Walking in the Bontebok National Park, Swellendam

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The Bontebok National Park is just outside Swellendam and as we had enjoyed our visit and walk last year we returned for a repeat experience. We turned into the carpark and found a group of bontebok who didn’t seem at all … Continued

Tradouw Pass

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We set off into Tradouw Pass towards the end of the day with a deadline for arriving in Swellendam so these photographs were taken from inside the car. The pass is 16 kms of tarred road, the R324, following the course … Continued


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Calitzdorp, like several of the towns we visited, started on a farm. Jacobus Pretorius settled in the area, which he called ‘Buffelsvlei’, in 1757, and other settlers gradually followed.

Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens

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It was our last day in South Africa and we had a few hours to wander in Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens before the long flight back to the UK. The weeks had flown past, crammed with unforgettable sights and experiences – it had … Continued

Spier Wine Estate

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In 1683 Arnoud Jansz settled near Stellenbosch and in 1692 Simon van der Stel granted him the land which became the Spier Wine Estate. Apart from its wines, the estate is particularly known for the gables on its buildings. We visited on … Continued

Wrought ironwork in Stellenbosch

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I wandered around Stellenbosch with my camera most of the days we were there – I could spend a lifetime doing this! I particularly remembered that someone had liked the broekie lace and so here is another broekie lace and wrought iron post.

The Braak in Stellenbosch

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The Braak (fallow land) is a large open space in the centre of the town which originally served as a Parade Ground. Stellenbosch suffered an earthquake in 1811 and people ran on to the space, vowing to God to keep it … Continued

Dorp Street, Stellenbosch, contd

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Dorp Street, the oldest street in Stellenbosch is on the Old Wagon Road to and from Cape Town, is lined with oak trees and beautiful, historic buildings. I walked from Libertas Parva up the street to the Theological Seminary in several posts!

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