Corners in Avila

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It is sometimes good to just wander, explore odd corners in Avila, or anywhere else, just see what is round the corner. And when you have finished the new ‘necessary’ tourist things wandering around is what gives quite excessive enjoyment! These are some of the plazas which we found.

Plaza Mercada Chico

The Plaza Mercado Chico is in the middle of the walled town and we expected it to be lively. But it is surrounded by administrative buildings. This part of the town doesn’t seem residential, i.e. there are fewer ordinary people who need cafes. But on one occasion we definitely needed a beer and because it was a Saturday (and the Town Hall is in the square) there was a wedding. The ladies dress very smartly for weddings, often in long evening dresses made of brocades and satins – wedding are always fun to watch! And even on a quiet evening the square is lovely. I had read there is a market here on Fridays, but not when we visited.

Plaza Mercado Chico in Avila

Plaza Mercado Grande

The Plaza Mercado Grande, outside the walls, was always much more lively! This was the social heart of Avila, it seems. It was a Mediaeval square and it has apparently not changed much over the centuries. The square is lined with cafes and pastry shops, with the wall at one end and the Church of San Pedro at the other.

Close to the flat

We didn’t have to walk far to find something interesting.

Plaza Teniente Arevalo

This little square has been extensively remodelled and restored in the past two years. It is pleasing, with a cafe and a children’s playground. There are benches to sit and the trees will give shade in the years to come. The Church of St Ignatius of Loyola overlooks this quiet corner in Avila.

Tomas Luis da Victoria
Plaza Teniente Arévalo in Avila
New playground and planting

There are many pleasing squares tucked away in the corners of Avila – you just have to wander around to find them.

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