Five days in Ciudad Rodrigo

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We spent five days in Ciudad Rodrigo and it was both interesting and very enjoyable. And yes, you could easily stretch a stay to a week!

Parador of Ciudad Rodrigo

The Parador of Ciudad Rodrigo is in the 14th century Castle of Trastamara, built by Henry II of Castile. It is a fascinating hotel in which we were very well cared for. We parked the car just inside the castle walls and could stroll out into the town. Highly recommended

Festival time!

We were lucky and during our stay it was the annual Mediaeval Festival. The atmosphere was relaxed and happy and it was just fun to see people wandering around in ‘Mediaeval’ dress, adults and children alike.

Wellington in Ciudad Rodrigo

The town was an important site during the Peninsular War and we investigated briefly how and where Wellington might have captured the town.

Walls of Ciudad Rodrigo
Cannon on the walls at the point Wellington broke into the town

The Cathedral

The Cathedral of Santa Maria in Ciudad Rodrigo is very beautiful – peaceful and calm – it is easy to linger, and to imagine that one might find comfort there. The carvings in the cloister are absolutely fascinating and I could have spent a long time there! My only regret was that we did not hear the organ.

Cathedral of Santa Maria in Ciudad Rodrigo
Wall of the cloisters and the cathedral behind
Cathedral during five days in Ciudad Rodrigo
Cloisters of the Cathedral
Cathedral of Santa Maria in Ciudad Rodrigo
Inside the Cathedral of Santa Maria


Five days enabled us to explore many of the corners in Ciudad Rodrigo: the three Roman columns, the Plaza of the Buen Alcalde, the side streets, and palaces such as Los Aguila. And of course there was always time for a medicinal glass or other form of refreshment,

River Agueda

Like all old towns Ciudad Rodrigo is on a river and it was relaxing and enjoyable to walk along the river.

It was easy to spend five days in Ciudad Rodrigo and I would happily return! Now it was time to move on again, to Salamanca.

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  1. restlessjo

    There’s so much beauty out there, isn’t there? It’s not a town I’ve even heard of, really, though a good friend is very into the Peninsular wars and the history that goes with.

    • Candy Blackham

      Yes, one just to stop, linger, look. And this kind of appreciating takes time… Ciudad Rodrigo is quite a small town but worth the visit if you are an advocate of ‘slow travel’!

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