Statues in Oviedo

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There are nearly one hundred statues in Oviedo, placed throughout the town. I wasn’t aware of this initiative in Oviedo which doesn’t seem to be very well advertised. So, as I walked around Oviedo I was delighted to find these contemporary statues. I saw just a few of many in the city, and sadly I did not come across the statue of Woody Allen.

Statues in the Plaza de Espana

The Plaza de Espana leads to the Park of San Francisco and it was in this square that I first noticed the statues. Here Neptune and Apollo enjoy the sunshine amongst beautiful planting.

statues in Oviedo
Neptune and Apollo in the Plaza de Espana

Park of San Francisco

There are several statues and busts in the park and there were two which I passed every day as I walked into the centre of the old city. A memorial to Jose Tartiere stands on the Paseo de los Alamos and nearby Encarna con chiquitin is a statue dedicated to motherhood by Sebastian Miranda. The latter was installed in 2005 on the Paseo de los Alamos.

The Plaza de la Esandelera

There are two statues on the Plaza de la Escandalera, a large and attractive square across the road from the Park of San Francisco. The statue of motherhood (1996), La Maternidad, is by Fernando Botero Angul, a Colombian artist. It is …. large. Asturcones are statues of three horses by Manola Valdes. I only photographed two! And since 2005 the statues all stand in the Plaza de la Escandelara.

Plaza de la Escandelara in Oviedo
Plaza de la Escandelara
Fountain in the Plaza de la Escandalera
Statues in Oviedo
Manola Valdes’ Asturcones in Oviedo

The University in Oviedo

There are of course many traditional statues and busts in the town as well and s particularly striking statue of Archbishop Fernando de Valdes Salas, the founder of the University of Oviedo, stands in the cloister of the old university building. On the pavement outside the Cloister is Mujer Sentada. Manual Martinez Hugue created the statue, installed in 1996 but created much earlier in the century.

Statue in Oviedo in the Cloister of the University
The Cloister of the University in Oviedo
Mujer Sentada statue in Oviedo
Pavement outside the Cloister of the University
Statue in Oviedo of Mujer Sentada
Statue in Oviedo of Mujer Sentada

The Traveller

In the Plaza Porlier De Oviedo a statue of The Traveller by Eduardo Urculo was installed in 1993.

Plaza del Pescado

The statue of La Pescadera by Sebastian Miranda stands at the entrance to Plaza del Pescado where it was set in 2005. Nearby is the Vendedor de Pescado by Jose Antonio Prieto, of 1996.

Statue in Oviedo of La Pescadera
Statue of La Pescadera

La Bella Lola

Draped over a bench in the Fontan Square is La Bella Lola made by Carmen Fraile in 2009.

Statue in Oviedo
La Bella Lola statue in Oviedo
The Fontan Square in Oviedo
The Fontan Square

Das Vendedores del Fontan

Amado Hevia’s statues stand the the Plazuela Daoiz y Velarde. Because there is a busy street market three days a week in this square the ladies were hidden in the crowd the first time I was in the square. On this second visit with a camera they were rather in the distance, but at least I walked past them.

Das VEndedores statue in Oviedo
The bronze sellers in the Plaza del Fontan
Market in Oviedo
Market in Plaza del Fontan in Oviedo

La Regenta

Mauro Alvarez Fernandez’ statue of La Regenta stands in the Cathedral Square, above the fountain and depicts Ona Azores, a fictional character in a book.

Statue in Oviedo
La Regenta in Cathedral Square
Fountain in the Cathedral SQuare
Fountain in the Cathedral Square
Cathedral Square in Oviedo
Cathedral Square in Oviedo

I only had three days in the town and there just wasn’t enough time to track down more of the statues in Oviedo. And I would have liked to look at them in more detail too. Consequently, the next time I visit Oviedo I will make a list of the statues, build a map, and then set out to find them!

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