Walking at Sant Antoine

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The walk at the Gorges of Toul Goulic is essentially a walk along the River Blavet outside the hamlet of Sant Antoine, near Lanrivains, and it is described as walk no.3 in G H Randall’s Walks in Côtes d’Armor. (The walk is also described here.)

The River Blavet at Sant Antoine
The River Blavet at Sant Antoine

I was suffering from extreme muscle spasms and so instead of descending to the river bed and scrambling over the rocks we followed the higher, level path through the woods. Yes, we missed the ‘Chaos’ but I was trying to walk and this was the best I could do. It was still a gorgeous wander of c.6 kms through the trees.

Walk at Sant Antoine

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Walk at Sant Antoine Walk at Sant Antoine

Back in Sant Antoine we sat in the heather garden and enjoyed the little 16C church – there is an extraordinary sense of peace here – I recommend it to you.

The Chapel of Saint Antoine
The Chapel of Saint Antoine

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