A walk outside Moncontour

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G H Randall’s Walks in the Côtes d’Armor guided our walks in mid-Brittany and this one around Moncontour was walk no.7. All his walks proved to be interesting, well described, and easy to follow, and I can recommend the book, especially if used together with the appropriate French ordnance survey map.

The path of l’ecco homo’, also called ‘the road of justice, was a Mediaeval way from Moncontour towards the Tertre Meadow in Tredaniel where criminals/convicts were hanged, I believe, but apart from passing references I can’t find anything else on the internet. The path is the last part of this walk, from Moncontour back to Trédaniel.

We parked at the Mairie in Trédaniel, looked at the church with its curious Calvary, and walked up the hill and out of the village to the Chapel of Notre Dame en Haut

The road out of Tredaniel

The Chapel of Notre Dame en Haut
The Chapel of Notre Dame en Haut

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Nearby is a fountain and after that the walk is a pleasant wander through the woods to Moncontour. Part of the way is alongside a leat which leads into the Pond Prioux  and I think fed the mills below the Priory of St Michel.

The Fountain of Notre Dame en Haut
The Fountain of Notre Dame en Haut

The path between the fountain and Moncontour

Leat alongside the path outside Moncontour

The path just outside Moncontour

The Priory of St Michel was the most important church in Moncontour before the Revolution, but situated outside the walls of the town.


The Chapel of St Michel, Moncontour


The Lower Gate in MoncontourApproaching Tredaniel

This is a pleasant walk and you can follow it with an exploration of the town of Moncontour, and a coffee.

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