The Bossie Trail in the Karoo National Park

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The Bossie Trail is a short trail up the hillside in the Rest Camp of the Karoo National Park. The Trail gives good views over the valley in which the Rest Camp is situated and links to a longer, guided walk which goes outside the wire of the Camp.

The Karoo National Park
Sandstone with a layer of somethinge else?
The Karoo National Park
This looks like solidified sand to me…?
The Karoo National Park

The Karoo National ParkThe Karoo National Park The Karoo National Park The Karoo National Park

I think the layers of ridges on the mountains are called ‘turbidite fans’ and refer to layers of sediment laid down as a result of flowing water, and then compressed. And the flat tops may be dolerite which is hard (volcanic) and so erodes less easily. But don’t hold me to it!The Karoo National Park

And when you complete this circuit there is an easy continuation to the Camping Trail. 

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