Mayville House, Swellendam

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In 1853 Daniel de Bruin built himself a home which is now known as Mayville House. The property soon passed to the Steyn family and continued as a private home until bequeathed to the museum complex in Swellendam.

Mayville House, Swellendam

Mayville House, Swellendam

Mayville House, Swellendam

The furnishings are Victorian – the interior looked very much our own home and the Victorian furnishings are common in the UK!

The garden was designed in 1978 by Gwen Fagan and is planted with both ‘old’ roses and newer varieties. It is a lovely, peaceful area in the middle of the town, but strangely we were alone.

The garden at Mayville House, Swellendam

16-2-19 Swellendam LR-9622

The garden at Mayville House, Swellendam

All this exploration made us thirsty!

refreshment in Swellendam

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  1. helenajust

    What beautiful roses, and a lovely garden! Thank you. I am enjoying your tour around South Africa very much.

    • Candy Blackham

      Thank you for your company! I absolutely loved the weeks in South Africa and staying in one place for a few days allowed me time and space to absorb some of the atmosphere. There are quite a few more South African posts to come, including some gardens.

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