A British War Cemetery

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At the end of the day… ‘..The burials in La Delivrande War Cemetery mainly date from 6 June 1944 [the first day of the D-Day landings] and the landings on Sword beach, particularly Oboe and Peter sectors. Others were brought … Continued

Canadian War Cemetery , Beny-sur-Mer

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On 6 June 1944 the Canadians went ashore at Juno Beach under British command as part of the D-Day landings. In the cemetery of Beny-sur-Mer there are 2,049 graves. A calm statement of fact is shocking: ‘…Casualties range from 17 to 47 years of … Continued

The American Cemetery at Omaha Beach

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We had visited Marigny, and Utah Beach, and now travelled further down the coast to see Omaha Beach. We parked and walked towards a beautiful sea view, an elegant building and reflecting pool, and then came the shock of thousands … Continued

Autumn along Ravensbourne & Pool Rivers

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This is London – six-ten miles from Trafalgar Square! You may be interested in The Waterlink Way Cycle Paths – in this walk the Waterlink Way combines with Route 21 in Sustrans

Marigny WWII Cemetery

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This was our last day in France and I wanted to visit the D-Day Beaches in Normandy and pay my respects at a cemetery of each of the combatants. We started at Marigny – quiet and peaceful in the sunny … Continued

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