Abbaye aux Hommes, Caen

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The Abbey of St Etienne in Caen, which is also known as the Abbaye aux Hommes, started building in 1066 under the direction of William, Duke of Normandy, also known as William the Conqueror, King of England. The Abbey was founded as a monastery, … Continued

A British War Cemetery

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At the end of the day… ‘..The burials in La Delivrande War Cemetery mainly date from 6 June 1944 [the first day of the D-Day landings] and the landings on Sword beach, particularly Oboe and Peter sectors. Others were brought … Continued

Canadian War Cemetery , Beny-sur-Mer

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On 6 June 1944 the Canadians went ashore at Juno Beach under British command as part of the D-Day landings. In the cemetery of Beny-sur-Mer there are 2,049 graves. A calm statement of fact is shocking: ‘…Casualties range from 17 to 47 years of … Continued

The American Cemetery at Omaha Beach

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We had visited Marigny, and Utah Beach, and now travelled further down the coast to see Omaha Beach. We parked and walked towards a beautiful sea view, an elegant building and reflecting pool, and then came the shock of thousands … Continued

Marigny WWII Cemetery

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This was our last day in France and I wanted to visit the D-Day Beaches in Normandy and pay my respects at a cemetery of each of the combatants. We started at Marigny – quiet and peaceful in the sunny … Continued

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