Travel in Portugal, Day 2, Castelo de Vide to Flor da Rosa

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The lonely roads between Castelo de Vide and the Spanish border draw you into wide open spaces with far horizons, and huge outcrops of granite.

The Alentejo

Around Castelo de Vide there are many prehistoric remains. The Tourist Office in the town may have information, otherwise arm yourself beforehand and be prepared for inaccuracies on the maps. At the Povoa e Meadas Dam (above), there are these tombs, the Necropolis of Boa Morte, dating back to c.4,000-5,000 BC, I think.

The Necropolis of Boa Morte
Part of the Necropolis of Boa Morte
The Necropolis of Boa Morte
The Necropolis of Boa Morte

Portugal 2015 Day 2 LR-124

On the road around the dam is this Chafurdão Vale de CalesI can’t find information and am not sure if it is old or new.

2013 Portugal LR-5292

The Menhir de Meada is the tallest such standing stone on the peninsular at just over 7m high. The track leading to it was very rutted but don’t give up!

The Menhir de Meada
The Menhir de Meada

The Megalithic Park of Coureleiras is more easily accessible.

And in sight of the town is the Anta of Melrica.

2013 Portugal LR-5282

The road back to Flor da Rosa was through miles of cork oaks, often with sheep, cattle, or goats roaming in the lush grass and wild flowers under the trees.

The Alentejo The Alentejo

The Alentejo

Cork oak in the Alentejo


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