Blackfriars Bridge

Blackfriars Railway Bridge was designed in 1862-4 by Joseph Cubitt and F T Turner to carry the London , Chatham and Dover Railway across the Thames to the Metropolitan Railway at Farringdon. The bridge was dismantled in 1984, leaving the red columns in place beside the new bridge.

Blackfriars Railway Bridge (L) & Road Bridge (R), Cubitt & Turner
Blackfriars Railway Bridge (L) & Road Bridge (R), Cubitt & Turner (Illustrated London News)

2015-1-13 Paris Gardens Manor LR-105

The first Blackfriars Road Bridge was built in 1769 and was only the third crossing of the Thames (London Bridge was the first, Westminster (1739) the second bridge in central London.) The current bridge, designed by Cubitt, was opened by Queen Victoria in 1869. (Excellent article by LondonHistorians.)

Blackfriars Bridge, 1788 (
Blackfriars Bridge, 1788 (
Blackfriars Bridge c.1910 (
Blackfriars Road Bridge c.1910 (
Blackfriars Road Bridge
Blackfriars Road Bridge today

The second railway bridge was built in 1886 and recently gained a roof of photovoltaic panels which provide 50% of the energy needed by the bridge, as well as being a remarkable architectural feature.

2015-1-13 Paris Gardens Manor LR-106


2015-1-13 Paris Gardens Manor LR-115


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Blackfriars Bridge

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