Hampton Court Flower Show

It is a long time since I visited a major Flower Show so felt it was time to reacquaint myself with such an event and visited the Hampton Court Flower Show. It is hard work! And in some areas very crowded, but there were also some very beautiful things to see. I didn’t go to the Chelsea Flower Show, but I wonder if this is perhaps more commercial – there was a lot of buying and selling!

The river is beautiful, and the Palace amazing. Mr Bradshaw and I will be visiting in the autumn.

The Thames at Hampton Court

The Thames at Hampton Court

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace

 I liked ‘Sloth’, one of the ‘Conceptual Gardens’.

Quarry of Silences - Sloth

Quarry of Silences – Sloth

I like the possibility of water in a garden and there were a few ideas which appealed.

There were some amazing displays in the Floral Marquee!

The lilies smelt wonderful!

Amazing lilies

The crysanthemums were unreal!