Regent’s Canal Walk, No.4, Acton’s Lock to Southgate Road

The view from the Queensbridge Road bridge, no.48, heading towards Islington.

Regents Canal no.3 map



As always there was plenty of activity – children and boats at the Laburnum basin, Canada Geese, and a relaxed BBQ

The Kingsland Basin was dug in the 1820s, and originally called Shoreditch Basin. It was originally associated with the timber and building trades. This continues with Travis Perkins still in the area.

The Kingsland Basin
The Kingsland Basin

Thomas Briggs was founded in 1815: ‘..The productions of these immense factories embrace canvas, sheeting, sacking, hessians, sacks and bags, ropes, machine-made twines, jute, hemp, and cotton yarns, printed jute rugs and squares, lobby and stair oil-cloths, Dutch carpetings, railway-waggon, cart, and stack covers, dressing for covers, roofing cloth, brattice cloth, tents, sail canvas, seaming twines, Briggs’ patent lined bags for sugar, coffee, &c., patent tarpauling, patent packing, and iron and steel hoops for packing purposes. Mr. Thomas Briggs is also the sole tent maker for her Majesty’s War Office and contractor for government and railway stores..’ 

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