A curious Chapel in Coat-Nant

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The Chapel of Notre-Dame de Lorette in Coat-Nant (‘wooded valley with a stream’), Irvillac, is hidden in a valley with a sawmill as a neighbour. The road is narrow and winding, but this was once the old road between Quimper … Continued

The Church of Guimiliau, Brittany

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The Church of Guimiliau is named after Miliau, a Breton Prince who was decapitated by his brother in c.542 and later sanctified. (Of course history is not quite so clear – there are several different versions of his tory!)

The South Porch in St Guimiliau

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The South Porch of the Church of St Guimiliau was mainly built between 1606-17 and it is thought the carvings were by the Maître de Plougastel and Roland Doré, and their workshops.

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