The first day in Salamanca

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On the first day in Salamanca we had two priorities: food and information. And so we set off up the hill with a slightly heavy heart to find the market and the tourist office.

The Market in Salamanca

The covered market in Salamanca had the usual abundance of fish, meat, vegetables, breads and cheeses. I would happily have bought any of the unknown fish on display but sadly only one of us is enthusiastic about fish. However, it left me determined to experiment in our local market in London. Clearly we weren’t going to be hungry in Salamanca after this visit!

Plaza Mayor

The tourist office is in the Plaza Mayor and when we had collected maps and information we settled down to some light refreshment. I will leave you to guess what it was!

Plaza Mayor in Salamanca
Plaza Mayor in Salamanca
the crowded Plaza Mayor in Salamanca
Another view of the crowded Plaza Mayor in Salamanca

River Tormes

In the afternoon is was time for another walk, this time along the River Tormes.1 The river rises in the Gredos mountains and eventually joins the Duero after 176 miles (284 kms). It has three dams: Santa Teresa, Villagonzalo, and Almendra and it joins the Duero near Fermoselle.

Roman Bridge in Salamanca
The Roman Bridge across the River Tormes in Salamanca

Black poplars, poplars, alders, willows and ash trees line the banks of the river, with rushes and reeds. I think there are trout, but clearly fish of some king as evidenced by this fisherman.

Fishing on the River Tome
Fishing on the River Tormes
More fishing
Roman Bridge over the River Tormes
Roman Bridge in the background
In the centre of Salamanca!

The first day in Salamanca was a success – we had found food and information in the Plaza Mayor. The city looked amazing and even that fact that I only had a frying pan in which to cook, I couldn’t reach then plates which were too high above my head, the two thick and unmatched wine glasses, and no plugs in the sinks seemed manageable – we are after all intrepid travellers!

  1. River Tormes and hydroelectric power: ↩︎

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  1. restlessjo

    And you can always eat out! I had heard that Salamanca is lovely. Friends often stop off there when driving back and forth between here and the UK.

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