Jarandilla de la Vera

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Jarandilla de la Vera is a small town in the Vera Valley and we visited to stay for a few days in the Paradore.

Paradore of Jarandilla de la Vera

The Castle of the Counts of Oropesa dates from the 15th century and today it is wonderful hotel, the Paradore of Jarandilla de la Vera.

Original drawbridge access into the castle
Swimming pool of the Paradore
Paradore of Jarandilla de la Vera
Courtyard in the evening

Bridge of Parral

The modern main road through the town is at the top of the hill so there is a steep walk downhill to a Mediaeval bridge over the Garganta de Jaranda. Apparently Charles V crossed this bridge on his way to the Monastery of Yuste and there is a marked walking route from the Paradore to the Monastery, The Emperor’s Way.

It was quiet and pretty on the river and I am sure this is a popular swimming spot earlier in the year when there is more water in the river. A cafe on the riverside probably does a very good lunchtime trade!

Garganta Jarandilla
Mediaeval bridge over the river

Park of Aliseda

This pretty park of 3.4 acres lies immediately behind the Paradore.

Park of Aliseda in Jarandilla de la Vera
The Paradore as seen from the park

The Paradore of Jarandilla de la Vera was delightful, the walk down to the river enjoyable and the park lovely for a stroll. This promised to be a relaxing stay after the hard work of exploring Avila.

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