Parador of Limpias

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The stay in Sos del Rey Catolico was wonderful. The Parador was very comfortable, the staff were friendly and helpful and the food was excellent – what more can you want of an hotel? And the town and surrounding countryside are fascinating and we would love to return, and plan to do so in 2023. But now it was time to move on to our last destination, the Parador of Limpias which was close to Santander and the return ferry to the UK.

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Road from Sos to Limpias

The sky promised a stormy day. The weather had been wonderful until now so a cool, wet day while driving didn’t really matter.

We drove through the Urbasa National Park which even from the road looks absolutely fascinatingly beautiful. Do we have time to return? Or have we reached that point where our ambitions are greater than our capabilities? What a sobering thought on which to end a wonderful exploration.

Sierra de Urban
Sierra de Urbasa
Skirting Bilbao in heavy traffic on the motorway
Skirting Bilbao in heavy traffic on the motorway

We made a small detour along the coast to escape the motorway traffic and sighted the Bay of Biscay and two pilgrims. I also hoped the crossing would be calmer this time!

Parador of Limpias

We drove through the small town on the River Limpias and through the gates to the Parador which is set is wooded grounds. It had been a long day and it was good to arrive somewhere calm and green. We were now in Cantabria and the desolation of the Bardenas Reales seemed almost unbelievable.

The Parador was the Palace of Eguilior was the summer headquarters of King Alfonso XIII’s Counci. It is situated in 13 acres (5 hectares) of beautiful wooded grounds and has swimming pools, tennis courts and gym facilities. The room was very comfortable and the food was absolutely delicious – mushroom pannacotta is something on my ‘must-try’ list. I know it sounds unlikely but…!

Sitting on the Terrace at Limpias

Gardens of the Parador of Limpias

We settled into the room and then went for a little walk round the grounds before dinner.

Town of Limpias

The ferry was leaving late in the afternoon the next day so we had time for a morning stroll into the town. There is very little information about the town on the internet apart from the fact that the port was very busy until the 19th century.

Looking towards the bay, downriver from the town

And then there was this curious open-air museum of armaments.

And then it was time to set off for Santander the end of the trip to Spain in 2022.

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