All Saints Day in Cambados

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Ou last day was All Saints Day in Cambados and it began slowly with another lovely breakfast, consisting mainly of fruit. Then we set off to explore San Tomé and Cambados itself.

The market

To my delight there was a market in full swing, just down the road from the Parador!

Market in San Tome
Market in San Tome

Santa Marina Dozo

We had noticed a flower stall in the town the night before and wondered if it might be connected to the Festival of All Saints, but I was quite unprepared for the sights at the ruined Romanesque Church of Santa Mariña Dozo.

The Church of Santa Marina Dozo
The Church of Santa Marina Dozo
All Saints Day in CAmbados
Flowers on a grave on All Saints Day in Cambados

I was caught unawares. Memories of my mother overwhelmed me. Surrounded by an outpouring of love and attention I felt desperately alone. People in the shadows of my life came to me. We lingered, and then, subdued, returned to the town. All Saints Day in Cambados is something I will never forget. [Re-edit of article posted in November 2014]

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