The Parador in Cambados

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The Parador in Cambados is in the Pazo de Bazan Manor House which provides a grand, but also intimate welcome. Don Pedro Bazán de Torres built his grand home in the 17C and the family continued there until the 20C. The mansion was converted to a state hotel in the 1960s. Similar to the Parador in Baiona it has lovely sea views.

Entrance to the Parador in Cambados
Entrance to the Parador
Inner Courtyard of the Parador in Cambados
Inner Courtyard of the Parador

The setting

Cambados is on a protected bay on the Galician coast and its main industries are fishing and the production of Albarino wine.

In the harbour
Evening view from the Parador

The Parador in Cambados offered a comfortable and interesting stop for three nights, with unforgettable experiences. [Re-edit of article posted in November 2014]

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