Paseo do Monte Boi in Baiona

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In late 2014 I acquired a DSLR camera for the first time an embarked on an evening class at Morley College. It was one of the best things I have ever done. The course was excellent and I still hear the tutor’s words, especially ‘What do you want to say?’ every time I take a serious photograph. The Paseo do Monte Boi in Baiona, a walk in Baiona around the promontory, gave me the chance to start thinking about photographs.

Paseo do Monte Boi

This paved walk is c.2kms and it was particularly attractive in the evening as the light softened. Some people were strolling, others were just sitting and looking out to sea. Walking here in the evenings is a very relaxing way of easing the day into the night. For me this was the first real outing with the DSLR camera!

Paseo do Monte Boi in Baiona
‘Subjects don’t have to be centred’
The end of the walk, at the Castle gate

This popular walk in Baiona, the Paseo do Monte Boi, is relaxing, not very long, and offers wonderful opportunities for taking photographs! [Re-edit of article first posted in November 2014]

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