A walk in Lugo

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We stayed in an AirBnB near the Puerta San Pedro in Lugo from which it was easy to walk into the town and explore. In an historic town like Lugo you can just wander through the streets from one site to the next, and this was one walk in Lugo with the camera.

The Church of San Roque

This church and its little garden are just outside the Gate of San Pedro, on the Camino de Santiago. The Church dates from 1731 but the porch and balcony (below) are from a later date. St Roque (Roch) is a French saint, often found in the churches in Brittany. I also saw his statue in the Church of San Pedro, here in Lugo.

Chapel of San Roque
The Chapel of San Roque

Puerta San Pedro

The Gate of San Pedro is one of the ten gates through the Roman walls and from here you can walk along the walls in either direction, or onwards to the Praza Maior.

The Gate of San Pedro in the Walls of Lugo
The Gate of San Pedro
A walk in Lugo
In the Rua San Pedro

The Praza Maior

Often the Praza Maior (or Plaza Mayor) is a bleak open space, but in Lugo it is pleasant and treed and with a grand City Hall at one end. You can stroll through the middle of the square, or under the butterwalk and of course you can ‘rest’ in one of the many cafes along the square.

The City Hall in Lugo
The City Hall on the Praza Maior

The Cathedral of Lugo

Just beyond the Praza Maior is the Cathedral and you can pop in through a back door. If you just sit quietly you can avoid the ticket price! From the Cathedral walk through the Praza do Campo to the Market.

Cathedral in Lugo
Old part of the Cathedral in Lugo
Cathedral in Lugo
Inside the Cathedral

Temple of Mithras

In front of the Cathedral, on the Roman Wall, are the remains of a Roman house and Temple of Mithras. This is a fascinating visit!

On the streets of Lugo

Wander around the streets between the Cathedral and the Market – there are cafes, shops historic buildings – all absolutely fascinating.

Rua Conde Pallares

The Market

You really need to self-cater to take full advantage of everything on offer in markets like this!

Covered market in Lugo

Convent of San Domingos

The Dominicans arrived in Lugo in 1274 and built this monastery between 1350-90. Important academic work in grammar, logic, and theology is associated with the monastery where the monks remained until the 1830s, and today the church is attached to a Convent for Augustinian nuns which is closed.

Monastery of Santo Domingos
Monastery of Santo Domingos

Towards the Provincial Administration building

At the top end of the Praza Santo Domingos a large black eagle commemorates the Roman victory over the Celts in 1C and the capture of Lugo. And just round the corner is the Provincial Administration of Lugo, in the Pazo San Marcos. This vast and impressive palace was built in 1866 as a hospital.

Palace of San Marcos
Pazo de San Marcos
Square of San Marcos
Square of San Marcos
Houses on the Square of San Marcos
Houses on the Square of San Marcos

Refreshment on a walk in Lugo

Lugo is not a museum, but a city in which people live, play and work, and a walk in Lugo allows you to see all this. It is especially enjoyable while enjoying a little refreshment!

Caring grandparents
Caring grandparents
Roman walls of Lugo
Strolling down the walls
Refreshments in Lugo

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