Chateau de la Ballue, Brittany

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Travelling from St Malo to Fougères can be quick – down the motorway at 70mph and forty minutes later you are there. Alternatively you can potter down the side roads and linger along the 84 kms between the two…

Mont Dol is a curious lump of granite in flat plains just north of Dol de Bretagne – I wonder if it was once an island such as you see outside St Malo? From its summit you can see across the flat plain to the sea, and in the distance, Mont St Michel – this day was very hazy but it is the ‘bump’ on the horizon.

The view from Mont Dol

The Chateau de la Ballue is hidden in the countryside of northern Brittany and has strong ties to history and literature. I found the garden curious, to say the least, and wondered at the size of the gardening team which keeps all the hedges and topiary in such remarkable order.

Chateau de la Ballue

Chateau de la Ballue

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Chateau de la Ballue

And then it was on the road again for two nights in Fougères.

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