Graaff Reinet in the Karoo

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Graaff Reinet is named after Cornelis van de Graaff, the then-Governor of the Cape Colony, and his wife whose maiden name was ‘Reinet’. It was founded in 1786 and is the fourth oldest town in South Africa (after Cape Town, Stellenbosch, and Swellendam). It is a beautiful town which I remember from my childhood, and it is set in the heart-achingly beautiful Karoo. Before I say anything else let me show you the Karoo from the Camdebo National Park.

Spandau's Kop, Graaff Reinet
Spandau’s Kop, Graaff Reinet

The Karoo
The Karoo
Nqweba Dam (Van Ryneveld's Dam)
Nqweba Dam (Van Ryneveld’s Dam)
The Karoo
The Karoo

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  1. Dianne Rowe

    Thanks so much for responding, Candy! It’s wonderful to hear from you. We were getting so hopeful that we would get to see you seeing that you were (or so we thought!) getting close to Port Elizabeth! Perhaps it’s time to trace the journey of the 1820 Settlers in South Africa? So enjoying reading your Blog! I posted a message to you on Facebook with my email address and would love to hear from you soon, very soon!

  2. Dianne Rowe

    What a stunning Blog especially of your South African journey, Candy! Thrilled to see you are in Graaff-Reinet and getting very close to us In Port Elizabeth. We would love to hear from you on 0415864664 or 0825702435 and reconnect. Lots of love Di (Battison) and Dave Rowe PS Do hope you read this message, Candy!

    • Candy Blackham

      Thank you for reading – and contacting. I am back in the UK now, but reliving the time in South Africa every day as I blog. It was quite wonderful and it was good to feel ‘reconnected’ to something. I have lived in England for so many years, so often feeling ‘odd’, that the time in South Africa was good for me. There is a lot more to come from South Africa on this particular trip!

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