Back to the UK

It was a wonderful few weeks in Brittany – walking and exploring. I loved the churches, the Enclos Paroissials, and the comfortable gîte was positively luxurious – we are returning next year!

On our last day in France we had visited the D-Day beaches and cemeteries and were close to Ouistreham, dinner, and the overnight ferry to Portsmouth when a text message arrived telling us we had been switched to Cherbourg! Not good news for hungry and tired people. Once in Cherbourg we enjoyed very good steack & frites in a café at Cherbourg harbour and then started queuing for the ferry – two hours to get onboard! And so we returned to the UK, our French affair over until next year.

Up the motorway to Cherbourg
Up the motorway to Cherbourg
Cherbourg Harbour
Cherbourg Harbour
Arriving in Portsmouth
Arriving in Portsmouth

And back in London I am returning to my explorations of London, Bradshaw in hand – do join me!

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