Early Photographers – Esteve & Mieusement

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I noticed these two photographers while I was looking for background information on Brittany.

Georges Estève began working as a photographer in 1910 in the office of the Photographique des Beaux-Arts which became Des Archives photographiques in 1945. I noticed his photographs when researching the Churches in Brittany because they are elegant, and in black and white. His images can be found here. Sadly I cannot find any further information about him, not even his dates.

Dol de Bretagne, Georges Esteve

Mederic Mieusement (1840-1905) also specialised in architectural photography, starting in 1859. He too worked with the Government, the Beaux Arts Ministry, in recording buildings for renovation and preservation. His amazing photographs can be seen here. 


The Cathedral of Notre Dame, Bayeux, Mederic Mieusement
The Cathedral of Notre Dame, Bayeux, Mederic Mieusement (Google search)
Rheims Cathedral, Mederic Mieusement (http://rmc.library.cornell.edu/adw/gravely/reims.html)
Rheims Cathedral, Mederic Mieusement (http://rmc.library.cornell.edu/adw/gravely/reims.html)

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5 Responses

  1. Sue Vincent

    You would have thought there would be something more available on Estève, but I can’t find any more than you, Candy.

    • Candy Blackham

      Thank you for looking, and yes, surprisingly little to be found. However, it is Mieusement who is really interesting – there are some photographs of Laon Cathedral which are absolutely breathtaking!

      • Sue Vincent

        I had a look at both this morning. I can appreciate Mieusement’s work. .. But there is something in the other that captures a real feel of France.

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