Travel in Portugal, Day 8, Around Queluz

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Cascais and the surrounding area has been inhabited for a long time – Paleolithic remains have been found and, closer to our times, the Romans and the Moors were in the area. The town developed as a busy fishing port in the Middle Ages, serving both Sintra and Lisbon. Today the town is a popular and busy holiday destination.

Portugal 2015 LR-28 Portugal 2015 LR-29

We drove through the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park to Cabo da Roca. This is the most westerly point of Portugal and it was dangerously windy on the day we visited!

Portugal 2015 LR-33

From there we took back roads to Ericeiraanother popular tourist spot which is famous as the point from which the Royal Family escaped into exile during the Revolution of 1910. Originally only a fishing village, Ericeira is now a surfing mecca in Portugal. Again we should have lingered longer.

Ericeira, departure of Royal Family (Wikipedia)
Ericeira, departure of Royal Family (Wikipedia)

Ericeira today

Portugal 2015 LR-35

Ericeira beach

We stopped briefly to remind ourselves of the vast size of The Convent and Palace in Mafra, built in the 17C by King João with the wealth gained from Portugal’s explorations in South America and the East Indies.

The National Palace, Mafra
The National Palace, Mafra

And so back to Queluz.

Portugal 2015 LR-63

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