Regent’s Canal Walk, no.2, the birds!


My camera couldn’t cope with the speed of the attack!

And a rather more settled pair.

This very handsome chap is, I think, an Egyptian goose – but I really have no idea!

Egyptian goose?
Egyptian goose?
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  1. Hi. Ian Shacklock brought your blog to my attention. You have some great photos and comments there. One minor point, the tall chimney, south of the Ragged School Museum, is for sewage ventilation (not from a former factory). David


    • Ah! Thank you. I ‘discovered’ your book after I had started. It reminded me, again, of the importance of good research before setting off with the camera. A copy of your book is winging its way to me and I anticipate walking the canal, and others, again. I will change the post to be accurate.


      • Hi Candy. Thanks for buying a copy of my book. The Regent’s Canal walk is so full of variety and contrasts. I never tired of walking it. It is also largely unknown by a great number of Londoners – including me until about 4 years ago. Hence the book.


      • It’s worth walking the rather bleak Limehouse Cut just to be rewarded with a visit to Three Mills on the Lee Navigation. It’s hard to think you are still in London here, let alone East London. I’ve cycled up to Hertford on the Lee several times and taken the train back. It is a great route.


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