The road from Santander to the Picos de Europa

The road out of Santander to the Picos de Europa was good, and not too busy. Signposting was clear and we were soon out of the town and under way.

It was exciting and we were keen to catch our first glimpse of the mountains!

Leaving Santander on the motorway to Oviedo

Leaving Santander on the motorway to Oviedo

The Picos de Europa from the Santander/Oviedo motorway

Mountains, Spain, Asturias

The Picos de Europa!

The N621 took us through the Gorge of Hermida, the Desfiladera de Hermida, a narrow and twisting road along the Deva River and the road which would lead us to Potes.

Road, mountains, gorge

In the Gorge of Hermida

In the Gorge of Hermida

In the Gorge of Hermida

Mountain, house, river

La Hermida


The River Deva in the Hermida Gorge

A brief stop in Potes to stock up with supplies at the supermarket and then we went off to settle into our hiring at Cambarco, ten minutes out of the town. What a view from our balcony! The hamlet is very small and many of the buildings seem to be holiday hirings, but it is quiet and peaceful, with only the sound of the river, and a small church as a ‘sight’.

The hamlet of Cambarco

Mountains view

The view from our hiring, La Cotera, in Cambarco

The Church of St Andrés dates from the 14C-16C and seems to be in a poor state. It apparently replaced an earlier Romanesque building.


The Church of St Andres in Cambarco

We were to spend four comfortable nights in La Cotera, exploring Potes and the surrounding area, and just relaxing.