Exploring London with George Bradshaw’s Hand Book

Yesterday I purchased (‘bought’ doesn’t seem quite appropriate!) ‘Bradshaw’s Illustrated Hand Book to London and its Environs, 1862’ at Foyles and next week, having done some homework, I will start exploring, guided by Mr Bradshaw of railway guide fame.

The book assures me that the ‘…Itinerary,  is divided into such portions or routes through each district of London as the reader will be able to visit in a given time. …each day’s routes are so carefully and clearly arranged that the confusion and unnecessary fatigue incidental to an irregular and discursive wandering hither and thither will be obviated…’. However, I am urged that I should be in a frame of mind ‘…disposed to receive pleasure wherever it [is] possible to extract it…’ rather than any other!

So, join me next week as I visit London one day a week, guided by Mr Bradshaw, and in an appropriately pleasure-seeking frame of mind!

Bradshaw’s Handbook to London